Sleepless Nights and Restless Dreams

There he was, standing by the bar: tall, dark and handsome. I saw him, but he didn’t see me.

I ordered a drink and inched near his line of vision. Feeling frumpy. Ugly.

The others seemed shiny, glistening. Scintillating smiles all around.

He looked at the pretty girl next to him. His eyes burnt right through her dress. Her eyes reflecting back the illuminated screen of her smart phone. WhatsApp. Instagram. Facebook.

She didn’t feel his stare.

Meanwhile, the city lights murmured silently beneath us: 5 million people on a Tuesday night.

I give up. Out to the terrace we go. For a moment I shined and glistened too. The dark night, the bright lights. Music on the terrace ignited my spirit and fueled my soul.

Drinks all around. Smiles and laughs.

Back in and then up the tower we go: the higher you climb, the longer you can stay and play.

Glass staircases and short dresses. Towering heels trying not to tumble.

As I climbed, I looked down one last time….there he was: talk, dark and handsome. I saw him and he looked back.


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