Why Aren’t More Boys Being Taught to “Love, Respect and Do Not Assault?”

“Love people, respect people and do not assault”

– Chaz Smith

Women are too often doubly victimised after experiencing sexual assault. Once the assault itself has taken place, they are often questioned about the event as thought it was their fault:

“What were you wearing? Why didn’t you fight back? Did you make it seem like you wanted more?”

Women are taught to play a strong offense from a very young age:

“Don’t walk alone at night. Power in numbers. Don’t talk to strange men. Don’t wear something that’s too revealing.”

But the truth is that women and what we choose to wear and they way we choose to act and the things that we choose to do are not the problem. The problem is that men are not only conditioned to be the aggressors, but they are taught by society that they are excused of their actions just because they have a Y chromosome.

That Y chromosome teaches them that they have a free pass to live up to the fact that men have certain uncontrollable insatiable urges. That Y chromosome teaches them that boys will be boys.

The One Student organisation is seeking to stop this pattern of thinking, because the truth is that as of today one in three women will be victims of sexual assault or abuse in their lives and the problem isn’t what these one billion women are doing wrong, it is what one billion aggressors are doing to them.

In the video below, One Student fellow, 20 year old Chaz Smith talks about the importance of boys and men becoming part of the solution. Of learning that maybe doesn’t mean yes, and silence does not provide consent.

When interviewed about his involvement Chaz Smith said:

Going into the production of the video, I wanted to create something that would wake people up to the reality of sexual assault because it literally happens everywhere and to a large percentage of the population, but far too often goes unreported because of the nature of the crimes.

In partnership with the OneStudent.org, Smith is looking to inspire others to make this dream a much needed reality.

Watch the video below and be inspired to be a part of the solution:


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