Young, Brave Survivor of Human Trafficking Shares Her Story on “Aquí y Ahora”

“Karla fue forzada a prostituirse, hasta que llegó un cliente diferente a los demás y le mostró una salida…
Ella se atrevió a huir y comenzó una nueva vida: ‘No quiero que me recuerden por lo que fui, sino por lo que he hecho hasta ahorita.’ “

Translation: “Karla was forced to prostitute herself until a client came into her life who was not like the other men and showed her a way out. She dared to flee and began a new life: ‘I don’t want to be remembered for who I was, but for what I’ve done until now’.” 

Human trafficking is a very real problem in the world and unfortunately, not many young women survive a life of suffering and forced prostitution in order to share their story.

On the Spanish language U.S. television network, Univision, their Sunday night news show, ‘Aquí y Ahora,’ featured the story of young Karla earlier this month, a rare and very brave survivor of prostitution.

Since she was 12 years old, Karla was forced into prostitution and her testimony is able to shed some light into the infrastructure of a very powerful and troubling network of human trafficking.

She talked about becoming pregnant and even so being forced to have sex with strange men.

On the video above the interviewer asks, “And the clients that wanted to have sexual relations with a pregnant woman – a pregnant girl?” to which she responds:

“All the men asked of me was a fantasy, whatever fantasy you can imagine

(they asked for)”

Although Karla is only one of many girls who have been forced into prostitution around the world, her resilience and her bravery are truly inspiring examples of survival – even when the chances of doing so are grim.

Image Source: Univision