This is What Your Skeleton Looks Like During Yoga

Artists have made a beautiful animation of what the human body looks like doing yoga in X-ray form. The animators strived to make the video as scientifically accurate as possible, working with medical experts to create a 3D visual study of the human skeleton.

As we all know yoga has an incredible amount of benefits, thus contributing to 30% of Americans now getting involved with the holistic way of life.

It has a profoundly positive impact on the mind, de-stressing us and clearing our minds negative and stressful thoughts. Yoga is also good for your heart, as practising it helps to decrease chances of heart disease through helping to lower blood pressure.

More so, it helps with breathing and has been shown to decrease chances of cancer. Depending on the extent of practice, yoga can also serve to transform us spiritually by allowing us to adopt mindfulness thereby lowering stress levels while helping us to focus in the present and boost our overall happiness and wellbeing.

This amazing video shows the incredible ways in which yoga improves the flexibility and posture of your tired bones, two of the main benefits of this amazing practice. So next time you’re getting down on your mat, you can do so knowing that your body is thanking you more than you realize:


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