Doga: Yoga With Your Dog

Doga is exactly what you might imagine it would mean – doing yoga with your dog.

It started in the US, when a growing band of health-conscious dog owners wanted a way of combining their favourite exercise with spending quality time with their pets.

Now doga is growing in popularity in the UK, mainly thanks to the efforts of Swiss-born yoga teacher Mahny Djahanguiri.

Mahny Djahanguiri spent most of her time with nature roaming around freely through fields with animals growing up. She also enjoyed dancing from a young age and obtained a Dance Performance and Musical Theatre Degree in London.

Mahny is also a certified Kids and Adult Yoga teacher. She received her teaching diploma through the British Wheel and Yoga Alliance. She has trained with YogabugsTM and ‘The Special Yoga Centre’. Since her Doga appeared in Made in Chelsea it has grown hugely in success.

She runs classes in London for people and their pets, and while the dogs do not really get a yoga workout themselves, they certainly play a part in some of the poses.

A spokesperson from the Dogs Trust said:

Doga is a sharing, nurturing and bonding experience were the owner and the dog can relax and share special time together.

While the Yogi performs at set sequence of Yoga poses your Dogi is free to roam around and participate whenever he desires to do so.When the moment is right , your Dogi (depending on size and weight ) , either aids as a extra weight or a Yoga block /bolster.

You go through a set series of sequenced yoga postures that are designed to incorporate canine massage, yogic stretches, chanting, breathing and lots and lots of cuddles. Sound interested? Each session costs £20, click here to book.

Image Source: YouTube


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