Yoga for Every Body

It is a huge myth that yoga is just for smaller people. People seem to be under the illusion that just petite size 6’s are able of fully perfecting the asanas it entails. But this is not the case. You do not need to be small and dainty to hold yoga poses, there are hundreds and hundreds to choose from that people of all shapes and sizes can complete.

In fact, it is quite the opposite. Yoga has a range of benefits for bigger men and women to enjoy. Here we explore exactly what they are:

1. Yoga is for everyone.

Yoga is an invigorating and healing practice that can be done by all, no matter what size yoga pants you wear. Brazil Yoga is the Instagram sensation that proves yoga is for thick girls too, and her 13.4 K followers seem to agree:

🌐 #spiderpose 🌐

A photo posted by CARMELLA (@brazilyoga) on Oct 6, 2014 at 6:44am PDT


2. Your body is full of untapped potential.

Yoga can help you feel good about your body and appreciate all that it can do—often more than you think. And over time, you’ll build flexibility, stamina, and strength.

3. You’ll celebrate the body you have now.

Yoga helps you to focus on your body in the moment and appreciate its daily efforts rather than focus on how you wish your body was different.

4. No pose is off-limits.

Any asana can be made accessible to larger bodies with the help of props and individual modifications. Make yoga your own and design a routine that you find safe and enjoyable.

Dade2Shelby AKA -Derrick Townsel might be built like a footballer, but his Instagram feed proves that yoga is indeed for strong *sexy* men:


5. You can reap benefits in just 5 minutes.

Introducing yoga to your daily life does not have to be a time-consuming commitment. In only five minutes a day, yoga can help focus your mind, boost your mood, and strengthen your body.

6. Yoga is therapeutic.

Yoga is an excellent way to relieve tension due to overworked muscles and strained joints. Try yoga to help free you from your everyday aches and pains.

7. You don’t have to practice alone.

We love Laura Sykora, and her feed proves that yoga can be a family affair. Moms, you have no excuse not to get on your mat. Do like Laura and get your minis to join you, they’ll love it!


8. It’s safe and satisfying.

Many yoga studios have classes specifically for bigger people, but a good yoga instructor will make sure that each student’s experience is as satisfying and safe as possible.

9. It offers a new beginning.

Yoga can help you realize new goals and set new intentions in your life. Keep a journal to reflect on your purpose for your practice and track your progress.

10. Regular physical activity can only improve your health and fitness.

But yoga, in particular, provides a feeling of wellbeing that cannot be measured in calories. Start breathing and stretching your way to a healthier you right now.

If you still doubt yoga isn’t for you, just look at Arthur and his incredible transformation that was fueled by yoga and gave him a new life!

Why not book yourself up for a class today? Or, if you’d rather, start your practice at home.


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