Finding Patience Through Yoga

patience yoga

Oftentimes the nature of our modern, fast-paced lives makes us impatient. We are constantly looking to move from one moment to the next. We are eager for so many things: for our workdays to be over, for summer to come and then for winter to follow. We eagerly await the New Year and our futures, always wanting to be some other time other than the now.

Doing this puts unnecessary pressure on our everyday lives which is in turn neither beneficial to our happiness nor to our overall health. So what does yoga have to do with cultivating patience? When we step on our mats, we are able to quiet our minds and focus on the present.

By allowing ourselves, to focus on the immediate moment, on each pose and transition, we are cultivating patience within our spirits. Patience is a virtue that not very many of us naturally possess, but that we can all nurture.

A lesson like patience can seem small, but once the seed is planted, and nourished with a daily practice, it can only grow and then the limbs of patience will expand to garnish every aspect of our lives.

1. Breathe

Our breath is our centre and by allowing ourselves to enjoy and be thankful for each inhalation and exhalation we are not only developing our lungs, but we are also learning to become appreciative of each moment. When we feel the power of our breath as it allows us to go deeper into a stretch, and gives us the strength we need to keep our balance during our yoga practice, we can quickly come to realize how unappreciative we are of every moment that we are able to take another breath.

2. Feel

For so much of our lives, we are so focused on getting from one place to the next and on checking off our to-do lists that we very easily neglect ourselves and the wellbeing of our bodies. Whilst on your yoga mat, learn to prompt your mind to scan your body and find all the aches and pains that the day has imparted on to the physical self. This practice will allow you to take better care of your body outside of yoga practice. This conscious mindfulness is then transferred to every other aspect of our lives.

3. Focus

So many of us have so many different responsibilities that we are constantly multi-tasking. Although doing so can seem beneficial for our productivity, having too much to do and not enough time to do it all deters us from being able to focus on any one specific thing. Especially when we find that we are overwhelmed with our to-do lists, it can seem nearly impossible to be able to focus on the present moment. During our practice, we are able to clear our minds and focus on each transition and each pose; on the flow of our breath and the feeling of our bodies during our practice.

Cultivating patience is one of the most important lessons that we can learn from a yoga practice, by transferring the same focus to other aspects of our lives, we cultivate patience by letting go of the past and feeling peaceful about our futures.


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