14 Days of Fitness with ClassPass

I decided to join ClassPass in London two weeks ago for the 14 day trial for £19.

My flat mate has had ClassPass for some months now and absolutely loves it. After hearing her raving all about it, I decided to do a bit more research on the subscription fitness class service and soon found a cult-like following of ClassPass.

IMG_7067Like a lot of good things, ClassPass began in New York and soon started to spread like around the U.S. and now around the world.

ClassPass has only been around in London since last year, but already it seems that everywhere you go in the city there’s thousands of women all rushing to their next ClassPass workout.

The scheme is pretty brilliant. Like Uber and Airbnb, ClassPass are mass service providers that don’t actually own any of the gyms. Even so, with so many boutique studios and gyms around London, it seems like most of them have been quick to jump on the ClassPass bandwagon and join themselves to the popular service.

With 14 days on my trial, I wanted to try as many classes as possible and soon became overwhelmed with the possibilities.

My first two days, I wanted to start out fairly easy and chose a barre basics class during my lunch hour and a Handstands and Inversions specialty yoga class in the afternoon.

I wasn’t expecting barre to be so challenging, but Marilena, the instructor at YMCA at One KX soon proved me and the rest of the ladies in my class wrong. I left the 45 minute class feeling an exhausted sense of accomplishment.

During my Handstand & Inversions class with Sylvia at Yotopia, I found a cute little boutique yoga studio space and an amazing workshop that left me feeling more confident in my handstand capabilities and with a sore upper body.


Over the past two weeks, I’ve nearly died twice at 1Rebel – or as I like to call it, the dungeon of pain. After my first class there, I wasn’t able to walk for two days.  I’ve also enjoyed a variety of classes from TRX training to boxing, EMS, and probably six different types of yoga in studios all around London.

I have to say that I am hooked and wish I could commit to the monthly service. Unfortunately, seeing as my time in London is now uncertain, I will soon have to go back to going on runs around Kensington Gardens.

Nevertheless I hope to visit some of the amazing fitness spaces I’ve discovered through ClassPass a couple more times.

Even though 14 days seems like a short time to workout, my 14 day workout binge included 22 classes. Some of them which were amazing, and some which left more to be desired. Nevertheless, I now feel stronger and even during tough workouts like GymClass’ Ass & Abs and Core Collective’s Velocity – the endorphin surge always gives me the most amazing hit of happiness for the rest of the day.

Overall, I would recommend ClassPass. Even though their regular membership fee seems a bit steep – if you’re able and committed to working out at least once per day, like my lovely flat mate does, then it’s definitely a worthy investment for your health, fitness and happiness.


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