Young Since 1934 and Never Too Old to Dance

Have you ever seen someone doing something incredible and thought, I’m far too old to do that? Maybe it was an amazing dancer or a nimble gymnast. Perhaps you’ve wanted to take up yoga, but are afraid it’s too late to begin your practice. Well, this video will inspire you to think twice before you think you’re too old to do anything.

This 81 year-old dancer finally got tired of hearing that she was too old to do the things that she loved. The young at heart dancer decided to make a statement in a public plaza in Madrid.

The video begins with lady walking along with an arm crutch and the narrator says that she is there to teach everyone a lesson about what she can accomplish at her age.

Then we see a young couple performing a salsa routine to an audience of onlookers. The older lady joins them and says to somebody near her that she has back problems.

However, when the young dancer asks for a new partner, the old lady is the first to volunteer herself. He tells her she’s too old and offers to dance a slower pace tango with her.

They soon begin to dance tango, but as the music changes, she takes off her coat and hat and what happens next leaves the onlookers astounded.

Watch the incredible video above and be inspired to do, anything that you wish to do. Whether it’s to become an incredible dancer or do anything else that your heart desires.


Image: Antena 3 / Facebook