Why the Only Body Type for Women Should Be ‘Beautiful’

I remember being about 12, opening a fashion magazine full of beautiful women for the first time and really absorbing what it said. Fashion magazines are a big part of growing girls lives – the majority of women have been attracted and absorbed by fashion magazines at one point or another in their lives and … More Why the Only Body Type for Women Should Be ‘Beautiful’

Stylelikeu is Redefining Feminist Fashion

Founded by mother-daughter team Elisa and Lily, Stylelikeu is an attempt to bring fashion back to freedom of expression. Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum, live outside the box. They strive to bring to light the type of people that are simply not afraid to be themselves. Under the slogan “Freedom of expression through personal style.” Elisa … More Stylelikeu is Redefining Feminist Fashion